About the Department

              Department of Mathematics was established in 2012 as fulfilled department. Started B.Sc., Mathematics through English medium. The department of Mathematics offers various courses to B.Sc.,(Physics), B.Sc.,(Chemistry), B.Com., B.B.A., and B.Sc.,(Computer science),. The first batch of B.Sc., Mathematics is to come out by 2015. In 2017, M.Sc., Mathematics and B.Sc., Mathematics (Tamil medium) are started. The first batch of M.Sc., Mathematics is to come out by 2019 and B.Sc., Mathematics (Tamil medium) is to come out by 2020. A student of mathematics  with good analytical skills and logical reasoning can excel in any walk of life. department proposing to a Research department soon.

           The department aims at fulfilling of the students making into their social and economical background. The Department of Mathematics focuses on pure, applied and applicable mathematics catering to students of varied backgrounds to help them understand their potential and enrich their lives.